Deposits are required to make an appointment with any artist. Consultations are always free. Pricing will vary on the size of the tattoo and are listed below.


Any large scale project such as a full torso, body suit, sleeve, full leg etc. will require a minimum deposit of 250$ that will be honored in the final session you are tattooed for the specific project the deposit was made for. Should you not call or not show for any appointment made, your deposit will become non-refundable on specific terms of each artist. If you give a 24 hour rescheduling notice for any appointment it is firmly up to the artist how the deposit will be honored.



Any tattoo that is a one shot session will require a minimum of 50$ as a deposit. Should the client not call, or not show the deposit will be non-refundable. The client may have a chance to reschedule and still have the deposit honored if you contact your artist 24 hours in advance. All decisions are firmly up to the artist.



If you are late, especially with no call or text that you will be, your artist has the right to charge for the time. As some of us are very busy and need to stay on schedule it could push back timing for the next appointment that day etc.


D U R I N G  Y O U R  V I S I T

During your visit to our studio please be aware of our neighbors, and other offices in the building. We are located on Gallery Row so smoking is not permitted on most properties. Out of respect we ask you to cross the street or use the pop up park that can be found a half a block to the right (next to Chop Sushi) when leaving the building. 


Please make sure you eat a solid meal before being tattooed, especially if you plan to be in for a long session. Guests are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks.


Please be mindful of other artists and guests that are in the studio. We strive to provide a comfortable environment. We do have a one guest minimum per client, if you would need to bring more than one person please get it approved by your artist or the shop owner.